Welcome ChicáBOOM Consignors!


This is the consignor profile and information area for ChicáBOOM Consignment Furniture, Fashion & Décor. This area has been set up so that you can check your transactions for items sold and/or purchased at the store, and view any orders related to your items. 

Just so you don't worry if items "disappear" from your list - it just means that a cheque has been written and your items are now "in the cheque". Cheques are written on the 15th of the month for items that have sold the previous month. They are available for pickup at the store. Cheques are mailed if you have moved from the area.

Let us know if you see anything wrong with the information displayed on this screen.

You can always contact us at: info@chicaboominc.com or 519-927-9300

Thanks for consigning with us!

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